www.serialviews.com Privacy Policy

www.serialviews.com does not store visitors information on it's server. However, it uses third party plugins from social networking sites. Offerings from those sites are subject their privacy policy. www.serialviews.com uses Google Analytics service as third party visitors tracking.

Google Adsense, Double Click Privacy Policy

www.serialviews.com uses Google Adsense and double click services to offer relevant third party content on it's pages. Please check with these services privacy policy and commitments before using the portal.

Facebook Privacy Policy

www.serialviews.com uses Facebook plugins for page likes, comments pulgins uses of these offerings are subject to facebook.com privacy policy.

Addthis Privacy Policy 

www.serialviews.com uses Addthis social sharing and recommended posts services. These offerings are subject to Addthis privacy policy.

Privacy Policy of the portal is subject to revision time to time with updates in offerings on the portal.


Content and articles on www.serialviews.com are only for information purpose. Portal www.serialviews.com does not recommend to use published content as it is else where on internet although portal encourages to share it's content on social networks using link sharing options.

Logo and Images used on www.serialviews.com belongs to their respective brands, owners. They are used to identify the content purpose only. Let www.serialviews.com know via email regarding offensive content/information on the portal. This might help in taking necessary actions accordingly.

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